From the trailblazing ARTECHOUSE to the heartwarming Waitress The Musical, these are the ultimate things to do in DC and NYC this winter for an epic dose of culture!

These great things to do in DC and NYC, incorporating design, storytelling and history – such as the Whitney Museum of Modern Art – are perfect for feeding the mind!

  1. Waitress The Musical

    Waitress The Musical

    From Beetlejuice to Mean Girls to Aladdin, many shows on Broadway are adapted from huge blockbuster movies that the audience-goer is already deeply familiar with. What makes Waitress the Musical so special is that it’s based on a little-known independent film from 2007 – and the stage show is so good, it’ll make you seek out this hidden gem of a movie afterwards, too.

    A heartwarming an crowd pleasing slice of pure Americana, it tells the inspiring story of waitress Jenna, who feels held back in life by her dead end job in a diner and her abusive husband – and then, she finds out she’s pregnant. Expect an exceptional (and mostly female) cast, a sweeping, emotional score and an irresistible story about friendship, family and overcoming adversity.

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    A spiritual cousin of the mighty MoMA in New York City, and one of the coolest things to do in DC is ARTECHOUSE. It’s a futuristic art gallery with a twist, that changes expectations of what the standard art exhibit experience is.

    You’ll feel like you’ve entered a new world as you become surrounded by mind-expanding video projections and ambitious installations across 15,000 square feet and three floors. Music and technological interactions enhance the experience. You can expect all art galleries will follow ARTCHOUSE’s lead over the coming decades.

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  3. Whitney Museum of American Art

    Whitney Museum of American Art

    Back to the Big Apple, and The Whitney Museum of American Art, which reopened to great buzz in 2015. It’s worth a visit for the views from the top of this strikingly modern Meatpacking District building alone.

    Here, you can explore a wide range of works by artists from the 20th and 21st centuries. Our picks? Definitely the haunting and mysterious Americana of Cape Code Sunset by Edward Hopper, and the bizarrely powerful simplicity of Mark Rothko’s Four Darks in Red.

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  4. Washington, DC Guided Tour

    Washington, DC Guided Tour

    Finally on our round up of things to do in DC and NYC, it’s the Washington, DC Guided Tour, and an insight into the many immediately recognisable buildings and structures that have come to define American history and culture around the world.

    Combine the comfort of a six-hour bus with some truly expert commentary, as you discover everything there is to know about the likes of the Washington Monument, opened in 1888 to commemorate the first President of the United States, George Washington, and the Lincoln Memorial, opened 1922 to honour the 16th president of the United States, Abraham Lincoln.

    Intensify your cultural fix with the two museum stop-offs included on the tour: The American History Museum and the National Air & Space Museum.

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  5. Stay tuned! Next week we’ll be telling you about some of the best things to do in DC and New York City for people who enjoy walking tours! Are you planning a trip to The Big Apple or DC sometime soon? Plan your itinerary and check out an array of things to do in New York plus the top DC attractions with Vamzio today!